Gemstone Horoscope for Cancer

Nurturing Jewels for Cancer: 
June 22 - July 21

cancer zodiac gemstones

Peaceful, poised and polished, the Cancer woman is powered by emotion with a sentimental nature. Cancer is also extremely protective over her loved ones and her home, always nurturing her family and creating a sense of harmony around her.

Cancer women enjoy a good meal with family and friends and relaxing near or in the water - possibly because they tend to favor sea-toned blues and greens like the pastel blue hue of the aquamarine stone shown below.


cancer zodiac gemstone style

When it comes to fashion, the Cancer woman is one who loves timeless classics; she also loves homely pieces and loves to tell a story with their style.  Cancer feels empowered by pure whites and sparkling silvers - try a stunning white sapphire in a solitaire ring setting for a classic, every day jewelry piece or take a look at my Out of the Blue earrings ($6360 | €5695 | £5235with rare blue and violet sapphires reminding you of the sea leading to pastel pink spinels. Arya sleeveless floral dress by Tibi can be found at

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