Buying or gifting a precious gemstone piece is an exciting milestone, and we understand it is an an investment of time, love and hard-earned cash. After guiding many anxious clients through the process of buying gemstone pieces and designing their own made-to-order ring, we created this Buying Guide for those who wanted a roadmap of what to expect and what to look for when taking that exhilarating leap into the colorful world of precious gemstones!

Good luck and happy hunting,
Eva xxx



Step 1: Observation

What do you want out of your jewel? An everyday fine jewelry piece? Something sensational to wear to special occasions? A luxury piece that will take you from work to evening drinks? A lifelong showstopper of an engagement ring? Beautiful earrings to bring out your hazel eyes?

And if you love an even more off-road experience, maybe you'd like to create your own custom (engagement) ring tailored specifically around your wishes?

Now we know the purpose, lets have some fun... 👀


Step 2: Inspiration

Collect a few (more if you like) sources of inspiration. The emerald green of your favorite silk dress, a holiday snap of vibrant tropical flowers or some examples of your favorite celebrities' style moments 💃🏻

From here, your imagination can be unleashed... Precious gemstone colors, shapes, sizes and settings - all can play a part in realizing your vision!

Pass by for a chat and a cup of tea, I love to meet the person we're creating a ring for... if that isn't possible or if it's a surprise piece for a spouse, I have gotten pretty good at guessing a person's style by looking at photos.


Step 3: Investment

Your jewel should be a solid investment - firstly of your time to make a sage decision! And from there an investment into...

✨ Rare and precious gemstones that hold value;
✨ Quality craftsmanship that will last generations;
✨ A precious piece with soul perfectly designed around your wishes to give you a buzz of excitement each time you wear it!


If you would like to have a chat about your ideas or want to fast-track your purchase for a special occasion - let's cut out the research and get started!


Step 4: What next?

🎁 Browse our curated selection of one-of-a-kind, in-stock pieces. Each piece can be delivered to your home - find them here.

✏️ Design your own custom ring via our bespoke service and let Eva guide your gemstone wishes into life!

☎️ If you’d like to have a chat first about the options available, book an appointment or reach out to us here.

In the calm environment of a private consultation with Eva's guidance as a precious stone expert - I found the perfect earrings, ring and bracelet of golden sapphires.

Step 5: The Resource List

Eva, your personal gem purveyor, gemologist and jewelry designer can guide you through these important decisions.

In case you would like to do some of your own online sleuthing, we have also included deep dives into investing in gemstones, craftsmanship and creating bespoke jewels made to your wishes.

Going bespoke? Here is your A - Z guide.

Not sure of what your perfect gemstone colour is? Luckily we've made a quiz for exactly that!

Where to begin with choosing a gemstone type? Dive into Gemstones 101.

Would you like some engagement ring inspiration? Eva runs through some classics here.

How to choose the right investment gemstone? We’ve made a checklist for you.