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Eva specialises in rare coloured gemstones to create made-to-order rings tailored around your wishes. When not helping clients create the bespoke ring of their dreams, she also designs pieces for her own Eva Gems & Jewels atelier collection.

Do you love tangy yellows, lush greens or rather bubblegum pinks, chic pastels, deep reds or cornflower blues?  We’ve got you covered… 

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 Our Stones

We differ from other fine jewellery designers because Eva Gems & Jewels is an ode to the stone. The coloured gemstone. In all its hues, tones and nuances.

Gems have the power to define us. A bold look, a chic style - the right colour jewel creates a magnetic aura unmatched by any diamond. That’s because gems dare to make a statement. They dare to show our true selves, no matter the colour, and no matter the setting.

Eva personally sources and handpicks each and every one of the stones from her trusted network of the world’s finest under-the-radar gem dealers. We only use gemstones of the finest quality. Our stones are all natural, precious, mostly what’s known as ‘eye clean’, of excellent cuts, and come in intense colours, as well as modern fashion shades.

Extraordinary gemstones are certified. You only need to find the coloured stone that tells your story.  


Green, blue or pink gems? Contact Eva for Guidance


"In the calm environment of a private showing, where I could touch and feel the jewellery pieces with Eva's guidance as a precious stone expert, I found the perfect earrings, ring and bracelet of golden sapphires."


From gem curation to jewellery creation...

Exceptional journeys of origin
Each of our coloured gemstones is unique, and they took a long journey to get to you. Mostly gathered in Bangkok, responsibly sourced from faraway places like Tanzania, Mozambique, Ceylon (today's Sri Lanka), Burma (today's Burma) and Madagascar, we are the last leg of that journey. 

Access to the inaccessible
You may not have heard of all the stones we use in our pieces as they are often from younger mining regions. This means they lack the decade or even centuries-long marketing which the classic stones have had - such as the diamond, ruby, blue sapphire and emerald! These “young” gemstones however, are considered the new precious gems, and are also used by beloved high jewellery houses across the world.

It's all in the details
We produce fine jewellery that is handcrafted with care by world-class artisans in Bangkok and London. Every fine nuance is considered, down to the 18K gold tulip earring backings, a small homage to Eva’s native Holland.

Limited edition collections
We believe in curating small collections where each gem is of excellent quality and a rare colour that cannot be found anywhere else. We personally hand-pick these gemstones for you at the trade source – but without the middleman (and price!).  


More About Eva

My approach to fine jewellery is about breaking with tradition. It’s about blindingly bright coloured jewels (not diamonds), indulging in yummy, delicious stones when and where one wishes. My personal treasures don't need permission or an occasion to wear! It’s about the thrill of discovery, unprecedented access to rare stones and the adventure of finding and revealing my true self.

I’ve seen the right gem on the right woman reveal the magnetic human being that she always was. It’s not just fashion. It’s not just style. It’s being bold, a little rebellious, and willing to let the world see you. It’s the same experience I went through myself a few years ago…

Before becoming a certified gemologist, I worked as an international corporate lawyer for an American multinational in Geneva and in my native Holland. And while I loved my job, I missed being creative and so, inspired by the Italian & French joie de vivre, fashion and coloured gemstone jewellery from my youth, I decided to become an expert and study gemology in Bangkok, the global trade hub for coloured gems. You know, the usual path.

My love for colour has been infused by a cocktail of Dutch flowers and the art of the 17th century masters (doesn’t Vermeer display the most beautiful blue and yellow hues in his pieces?!), drizzled by the soft pale colours, scents and spirit of the South of France, my second home.

And now I bring those elements together by collecting the most joyous and juicy, fine-quality colour stones. I love to create bespoke jewels, designed around my clients’ wishes, or for my own small capsule collection of finished atelier pieces.   

Unlike most other fine jewellery designers, I’m deeply obsessed with the crucial ingredient of my client’s fine jewellery piece, the stone. And will do my very best to source the stone of their dreams, in the highest quality possible.

In the course of a year, I took my life from black-and-white to full colour. You, too, have a spectrum of colour within you. There is a chameleon-like beauty that shines through your life, whether it be in love, career, fashion or friendship.

I’m here to help you find those colours and cast them through life’s adventures, wherever they may take you.

What’s the colour of your story? 💃

Eva xxx

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