3 Must-Have Gem Looks inspired by the Oscars


3 Must-Have Gem Looks for Mother's Day Inspired by the Oscars

"This year’s top jewellery looks varied between classic red carpet finery and pared-down glamour that lets personality do the shining." - Celine Yap, Watch & Jewelry Specialist, Vogue Singapore.


And the Oscar this year went to?... Diamonds!

Last week’s Oscars proved to be as sparkly and dazzling as one could expect reflecting the last years we have experienced. Not so much of color though, Eva, you may say. Now that depends on your definition of color 😉.

Most striking, I thought, were the extreme contrasts between black and white hues that seemed to highlight a desire for individuality, personality and freedom. Freedom with a playful twist where color was being used in more subtle ways.

Are black and white even colors? Fascinating concept as according to the physicists black and white are both considered outcasts. They don’t appear in the color spectrum as such… White (and pink too by the way) are just a mix of wavelengths that our eyes mix together to form white (or pink). And black we see in darker spaces; one prerequisite for us to see color, is that we need sufficient light in a space in order to see different hues. 

If however, “you include in the definition of color all of the ways in which human eyes process light and the lack of it, then black and white, as well as pink, earn their places in the crayon box” as clarified by the Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

Hear, hear to that, I’d say. 

The Ladies' Gems at the Oscars

Besides the light play between black and white fashion styles, there was also fun to be had with the jewels themselves. While some of the jewels were in fact classics, such as white diamonds, the way in which they were styled or designed showed a penchant for experimentation. 

Asymmetry in jewelry and fashion design were matched with loosely tied or loose, naturally falling hair allowing some sparkly gemstone earrings to peek out.

Classic gowns, some of which reminded of the 1950s grandeur and cut, were also seen paired with less classical gems, such as a rock-sized Cartier yellow diamond pendant necklace worn by Deepika Padukone, a tumbling Gucci green tsavorite gemstone necklace worn by Jessica Chastain, or dark brown diamonds in the form of earrings and an orangey-brown diamond ring by Moussaieff, worn by Rihanna. And what about the dangling, pink sapphire chandelier earrings by Boucheron worn by Emily Blunt or the stunning sky blue stones set by Boucheron into floating precious pieces worn by Salma Hayek.

the oscars women's looks with coloured gems Yellow diamond Cartier pendant necklace worn by Deepika Padukone; dark brown Moussaieff diamonds worn by Rihanna; Boucheron pink sapphire chandelier earrings worn by Emily Blunt; green tsavorite gemstone Gucci necklace worn by Jessica Chastain; sky blue Boucheron gem pieces worn by Salma Hayek.

As already predicted by Pantone in their
spring-summer 2023 forecast, it seemed as if a clear choice was made for discovery and quirky contrasts highlighting a need to express a new-found freedom and a desire for individuality. Either when it came to the color of the gown, the cut of the dress or the unique design or color of the precious piece: one clear point of focus was opted for. 

And yet, it still had a sense of simplicity to it all. A sense of basicness, utility and wholesomeness that had been added to the playfulness. A subtle wink. Effortless chic in short. 



The Men’s Jewels at the Oscars

And then the men. Yep, the men wore some particularly dashing jewelry pieces during this year’s Oscars. And I’m not talking about their watches. Actual, full-blown gemstone jewelry pieces could be seen far and wide. Stunningly elegant pieces as if giving another subtle wink to the time of the dandy. 

Ranging from a beautiful Art Deco blue sapphire and diamond brooch for Brendan Fraser to Michael B. Jordan wearing two stunning brooches, one set with pink tourmaline and diamonds and the second brooch with a massive green tourmaline and diamonds from Tiffany’s pinned asymmetrically to his lapel. Why wear one when you could wear two, right? Or Paul Mescal who wore another beautiful brooch by Cartier, in classic white diamonds this time, but styled with a red flower corsage playfully placed above the diamond brooch. Almost mischievously showing that valuable stones can easily go hand-in-hand with a red flower made out of fabric.

And as with the ladies, also some men (or rather, one man) chose a daringly different color for his outfit. Mister Dwayne Johnson wore a salmon pink satin “black” tie coat by Gucci thereby giving the classic design of the black tie jacket a new twist. Color galore here we come!

the oscars men's looks with coloured gemsArt Deco blue sapphire and diamond brooch of Brendan Fraser; pink and green tourmaline and diamond brooches from Tiffany’s worn by Michael B. Jordan; white diamond Cartier brooch worn by Paul Mescal; Dwayne Johnson in pink!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Tie all that to the upcoming Mother’s Day? Easy-peasy. We have some colored gem gift ideas here for you to put the spotlight on a mother in your life or to indulge in yourself using some of the colors that were spotted on the Oscars’ red carpet. 

Look Number One 

Inspired by the white colors spotted at the Oscars, take a look at the Mother’s Day pieces we put together in the moodboard below: you can match our white rainbow moonstone hoop earrings with this light blue square cushion topaz pendant and our light swiss blue topaz Love-pendant. Maybe even add the light blue topaz spiral ring to complete your parure of precious pieces for some extra winter sparkle.


light blue gemstone jewellery

Light winter gem looks for Mother’s Day: go soft and pastel with these rainbow moonstone hoop earrings (they look white but have a bluish sheen when moved), a square cushion light blue topaz pendant necklace, a Swiss blue topaz love pendant and to finish it all, a blue topaz spiral ring set with white topaz.

Look Number Two

Another, more colorful, stackable necklace idea for Mother’s Day you can see here below: inspired by the pink and green brooch-duo, you can wear this pink sapphire Love-pendant, stacked with the marquise-shaped green tsavorite stone pendant and the green chrome diopside Let’s Go-pendant. 

pink and green gemstone jewellery

A vibrant green and pink stackable necklace-trio for the mother in your life: an oval green chrome diopside in the Let’sGo-pendant, pink sapphires in the Love-pendant and a marquise-shaped green chrome diopside gemstone pendant. 

Look Number Three

And if necklaces aren’t really your thing, opt for a colorful set of bright earrings and a funky love ring instead as shown below. I have styled it in two different ways here: either you can have bright green or candy pink gems in your ears, whichever color suits you better. And then match it - or rather, contrast it - with a Love-ring in the opposite color. 

Just to show you’re different from the rest (while being totally on trend naturally).


green gem earrings pink gem love ring

 Green chrome diopside gemstone dangle earrings styled with the pink sapphire love ring.


pink gem earrings green gem love ring

Or do the reverse: pink tourmaline gemstone dangle hoop earrings with a green chrome diopside love ring. 


Inspired? Check out my Iconic Love Collection for these colored precious pieces and others. Or read more on powerful and playful pink gemstones here.

From a Style Insider 

gem style inspiration
Look number 1:
Go soft with nude-hued lip colors, and dress in white, black or pastel tones to complement your soft gems. It’s just the right amount of subtle sparkle for a professional look. 
Look number 2 and 3:
Go bold with fuchsia-tone lips. Keep the eye makeup subtle for the day; at night, accentuate the eyes. Dress in black, white or pink or green tones to balance the look of your bright jewels. The way to go for the office or after-office hours.
And if you'd prefer some personal gem & jewel guidance or create your own custom multi-colored gemstone ring, don't hesitate to reach out to me by clicking on the button below!

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