Aquamarine: The Gem of Spring


Aquamarine: The Gem of Spring

More than just a sparkling beauty, the serene and elegant aquamarine is appropriately known as the birthstone of March as it kicks off spring with colour that perfectly represents the rejuvenation that the season symbolizes. 

This gem quiets the mind, bringing calmness and tranquility to the wearer and its connection with the sea makes it the perfect stone for Pisces babies.

Aquamarine Gemstone with Ocean Hues

With soothing pastels all around, spring is the perfect time to adorn ourselves in refreshing colour stones. 

From a day by the water to upscale apéritifs in the evening, a statement accessory featuring this gem can easily elevate your spring ensemble.

Try a set of aquamarine earrings to accentuate your style or get creative and design your own signature gemstone ring - a perfect vessel for the rare, fresh aquamarine, especially for a fairer-skinned fashionista with blue or grayish eyes.


It could also make a stunning alternative engagement ring! 😉 Decorated with a few small diamonds or other gemstones in complementary blue shades and set in shimmering 18-karat white gold, et voilà: you're adorned in cool blue. 

If yellow gold or a solitaire setting is more your style, that's perfectly lovely as well... you decide on the jewel that best matches your story. 

Looking to embark on your own gemstone journey with the aquamarine?Arrange a virtual or in-person consultation with Eva and dive into the world of colored gemstones!