Colored Gemstones for Maximum Impact


Colored Gemstones for Maximum Impact

“Did you think I’d crumble and die with your goodbyes, motherf*ckers?” -Madonna

We don’t mean to offend anyone, but it’s Women’s History Month and we’re proud to support strong female warriors, like Madonna, everywhere….

Madonn and Kyle Minogue on stage #iconic

On March 7th, the day before International Women’s Day, Kylie Minogue made an appearance at Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ Concert in L.A. where they performed two songs together, one of which being an acoustic rendition of “I Will Survive”, looking bedazzled and fierce... Women across the globe were thrilled to see these two iconic women finally join forces and perform together. 

Madonna’s remark, quoted above, was a shocking yet powerful display of female strength and independence, setting the stage for other female warriors who refuse to be sheep following the flock, choosing to forge their own path.

At times, this choice to create your own path can come at a high cost, such as total incomprehension, lack of inclusivity, judgemental and constraining behavior from others as they push to keep you in line with intolerance and intimidation. It’s easy to fear abandonment when you choose to march your own path but, in fact, there is freedom on the other side - something the flock doesn’t always realize or is too afraid to discover. 

This is what colored gemstones are all about as well; freedom to stand out, make your own choices, express yourself and put your personal experiences and achievements on full display regardless of how others may interpret them. 


Colored gemstones magnify a sense of self through the very essence of their being; their individual colors.

 Colored gemstones embody the very essence of self simply because of their uniquely individual colors!


No one color stone is exactly the same as the other. Like us, each stone has its own origin story, its own journey. They all display different hues, various tones, nuances and depth. It takes courage to stand, sometimes alone, for something you believe in (diversity, inclusivity, freedom, acceptance or simply positive curiosity of differences instead of automatic judgment and slander that comes with it). Colored gemstones welcome and celebrate diversity by their very nature, something that a diamond is incapable of due to their limits and commonalities. 



Eva’s Advice: Unleash your color, and level up your impact on your day-to-day battles (and on this world) by dressing in colored gemstones. 

colored gemstone ring with yellow helidor

Every female warrior needs a shield; you can let yours shine in the form of a trilliant golden heliodore like the one shown in this ring. One that shimmers along your day to night conquests and protects you from any negative energy or judgment as you unapologetically and colorfully express your truest self. 

colored gemstone ring with paraiba tourmaline

Or create maximum impact with the ultra rare, brilliant blue of the paraiba tourmaline. Shown in this one-of-a-kind colored gemstone ring, the paraiba tourmaline has an electric hue and is used in some of the jaw-dropping pieces from high jewelry houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Chopard. 

Both rings feature bright colored gemstones with vibrant hues that are a perfect match for any new (or re-emerging) ensembles that you choose for your armor as we enter the colorful season of Spring.

…And if you’d like personal (and completely non judgmental) guidance from a certified gemologist, gem dealer and jewelry designer as you embark on your colored gemstone journey, book a complimentary private consultation today; I can answer all of your questions while you explore my collection of fine colored gemstones and jewelry pieces!



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