Fiery Red Jewels: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and More

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Fiery Red Jewels: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and More

One of the deeply contrasting colors turning heads this season happens to be the colour of passion; fiery red. According to Pantone, this “supercharged red tone signals an energetic intensity” and, for good reason, they have chosen this particular shade of red for the Spring/Summer 2023 New York Fashion Week colour palette. 

‘Tis the season for extremes, exploration and expressing the unexpected and Pantone has carefully curated a color palette that does just that, starting with the colour of love that happens to be very commonly seen this time of year. So, here’s the ultimate Valentine’s gift idea… stay on trend by energetically and intensely expressing your love with fiery red jewels

Perhaps, this love ring in sparkling red jewels from our Iconic Love Collection will send the right message this Valentine’s Day?

For a gift idea with a thoughtful touch, try the old yet glorious concept of the parure or demi-parure. For example, you can match our red jewel ring with a necklace and/or set of earrings. Here’s one possible option; try this set of dangle earrings, the love ring and a pendant necklace for a simply elegant (and cool) parure that all feature red garnet gemstones…

red parure gemstone jewellery inspiration

Parure comes from the French verb for adorn, parer. Traditionally, a parure is a full set of jewelry - a brooch, bracelet, earrings, and ring -  meant to be worn together, therefore adorning the person wearing it. Eventually the concept expanded to include tiaras and even buttons! The most elaborate suites in history can consist of up to 16 pieces while demi-parures can include as few as two pieces as a minimum. 

Parures were most popular back in the 1600s but renowned houses such as Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels revived them in the 1950s by creating parures for jewelry collectors and celebrities like Liz Taylor who famously wore one that consisted of a ring, necklace, earrings and brooch set with similar emeralds and diamonds made by Bulgari. You can discover more about this famous suite of jewels and read more about parures in this article by The Jewellery Editor


I loved the idea of a parure a lot but wanted to give it a modern twist. And so, I created our latest Iconic Love collection with different jewelry pieces that can be worn together as they are all tied by similar color gem tones. No easy feat. It’s difficult to find small colored gemstones in similar calibrated sizes and on top of that, for them to be in modern, fashion-forward colors… Yet after a long search, I found lovely gems in Jaipur, India and these are the stones you’ll see in our latest collection. Their sole purpose being to highlight your style and your craving for discovery...

So, if fiery red doesn’t quite spark your passion, we’ve got you covered with more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Try a parure of playful pinkish red jewels or chic purple tones. While red is the traditional color associated with Valentine’s Day for its passionate symbolism, vibrant pinks are often also associated with love and romance and sultry purples have been known to represent admiration, support and strong bonds.

pink and purple parure gem fashion inspiration

Whichever shade of love you choose, you can round out your Valentine’s Day style by K.I.S.S. (keeping it sweet and simple)! For a casual date night, even a plain white t-shirt and jeans is made effortlessly glamorous with the addition of these purple, pink or red jewels

Browse the Iconic Love Collection and build a parure of your own with a vast selection of quality colored gemstone jewelry pieces. Whether you’re searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas or just looking to spice up your date night wardrobe, you have options! 

And if you’d prefer some personal guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by clicking on the button below.

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