Legendary Ruby Sales at Auction


Legendary Ruby Sales at Auction

In the last decade or so, many exquisite rubies have stolen the show with their brilliant, fiery red sparkles and high price tags. From interesting backgrounds to stunning beauty, here are the rubies that fetched the highest prices at auction to date and which are worth a second (third... or fourth) glance.

Graff's seeing red

This 8.62 carat piece has a remarkable story attached to it...


bulgari ruby ring
8.62ct Burmese ruby set in a Bulgari ring.
Ruby in this size and without any indication of treatment is incredibly rare.
In fact, they are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence to encounter one.

It was sold at Christie’s in 2006 for more than $3.6 million. To Mr Graff. The London luxury jeweler. Graff reset the Burmese stone into this ring:

Graff Ruby Ring
A ruby that stops you in your tracks... the Graff Ruby flanked by diamonds.

And renamed it the Graff Ruby. As you would. He sold the piece to a Greek financier. And then… He bought it back again in 2014 for $8.6 million... more than double!

It shows you how connoisseurs hunt for exquisite pieces like that and also gives a good indication of this stone's utmost rarity.



I mean, if experts go back and buy something twice, at that price, it makes you realize just how special the type of stone is. Here you see another picture of that fiery red stone on a model, so you get a better idea of the size and colour. 


Graff Ruby Ring Model
Now this is a sight you and me will probably never experience… a ruby this quality and size on a woman's hand sitting next to you in your local restaurant.

The Crimson Flame

crimson flame ruby ring
Sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in 2015 for a little over $18.5 million

The Queen of Burma

cartier art deco ruby ring
Extraordinary ruby of 23.66ct, set in an Art Deco-ring by Cartier.
The ring was first bought by Maharajah Cutch in 1937 at Cartier in London and represented the relationship that existed between Cartier and Indian royalty.
It was sold in 2014 for over $6 million…

The Patalia Ruby Choker

cartier ruby necklace
An Art Deco ruby, diamond and natural pearl choker necklace by Cartier, 1931.
Sold for $975K.


There’s this funny anecdote on the Patiala Ruby Choker: in the 1920s, Cartier approached the Maharaja of Patiala (a city in the North of India) in hopes of selling the flamboyant Raj some of their own jewelry. Unimpressed as he was by the quality of the stones in Cartier’s inventory, the Maharajah instead commissioned Cartier to make several iconic pieces for him… but with his own stones this time.

The Sunrise Ruby

sunrise ruby ring
This Burmese Ruby weighs in at 25.59cts and sold for 28.25 million Swiss francs, or $30.4 million USD.

The Jubilee Ruby

jubilee ruby ring
15.99 carats, sold for $14.1 million USD

Considered the best ruby offered for sale in the US to date, this Burmese ruby was sold at auction in Christie's 250th anniversary year. 

Keep in mind that Burmese rubies over 15 carats are extremely rare... so of course these ruby stunners caused quite a scene at auction. For more information on Burmese rubies, including what makes them so beautiful, explore my post on the world's most beautiful rubies.


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