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​A Tailored Approach

Prefer mint green or grass green stones, pastel or neon pink ones, glamorous greys, intense reds or cornflower blue stones? Your wish is our command… Eva personally sources and handpicks each and every one of the stones from her trusted network of the world’s finest under-the-radar gem dealers. So you get the jewelry piece that tells your story. 

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Work with Eva

Private Consultation

Our clients are the discerning, independently-minded kind who love to discover new, extraordinary colors and stones for their fine jewelry piece while getting personal guidance along the way. We also work with a growing number of law firms, banks and other corporate clients who have an interest in unique, bespoke gem & jewel events to offer their clients.

What all customers share however, is a curious outlook on life(style) & luxury and the thrilling delight they take from having access to the inaccessible. My team and I offer a gem & jewel experience that naturally resonates with them by giving unprecedented access to stones that are normally only available to high jewelry houses.

Developing a trusted relationship with our customers is key. Especially since they lead increasingly demanding lives, both personally and professionally, so our relationships are based on a tailored approach where Eva combines her gemological insights together with fashion and design ideas to help spark your own jewelry ideas - at a time and place that suits you best.

Through private jewelry viewings and personal consultations - online or offline in esp. London, New York, Amsterdam and Switzerland - we can help you discover the gemstone jewelry piece that expresses your story and style. Applying a playful, slightly irreverent approach to luxury jewelry, we carefully consider the dynamics of the couple - or of the individual man or lady - to choose or custom design a gemstone piece that perfectly suits her.

Our clients are usefully referred to us and choose to work with us because they know we love to help them out with their quest for an extra-special stone. Even if the stone you have your heart set on, we don’t currently have in stock or can take months to source because of its rarity..., we’ll always go the extra mile to find it for you. Truly tailor-made jewelry that’s true to you.

How It Works

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1. Arrange a consultation

Sit down with Eva to discuss all of your fine jewelry preferences and browse ready-to-wear jewelry pieces or loose gems from her collection.

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2. Choose your gemstones

If you want to create your own bespoke design or invest in a loose gemstone: Eva will work closely with you throughout the gem selection process to ensure all of your needs are met.

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3. Finishing touches

Choose a jewelry model from her design menu to create a bespoke piece in the colors and stones you love, or perfect the fit and feel of one of Eva’s jewelry pieces by tailoring it to your size

All jewelry is created by hand in Eva’s French atelier in Bangkok. All designs take 60-90 days.

Global Events

  • Host, together with Eva, your own intimate gem party from the comfort of your home. Eva will help you organise a glamorous night of fine jewelry where you and your guests learn about rare gems, can try on gemstone pieces and get styling advice to find the perfect jewel for you.

  • Hire Eva for one of your client appreciation events in your law firm, bank, private wealth firm or other corporate firm; your high-net-worth clients would love to learn about colored gemstones.

  • Contact Eva for exclusive pop-up events in your retail store.
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