What to Wear to Work: Jewelry Edition

Up Your Glamour Factor In The Office - And Far Beyond - With Enviable Green

Mint Green Tourmaline Color Gemstone
Green Tourmaline Gemstone Adventure Inspired Collage Net a Porter

Green Tourmaline

Dreading a dull day in the office? Focus on one outstanding gemstone embellishment instead of many jewelry pieces for maximum impact - on duty and off. Pair it with cool trousers, a simple top, a great handbag and, of course, good shoes. Be warned: others will want to bask in your radiance as well;)

Let me tell you how I got the stone, how you could turn it into a stunning ring and some styling tips on what to wear it with!

Stone: Fine 4.44ct Mint Green Square Cushion - Shaped Tourmaline

Date Discovered: January 2017

Location: Mined in Mozambique but I discovered it in the office of a befriended gem dealer in Bangkok.

Day 1: Time to hit the river today. Some friends mentioned this temple to me that is about 1.5 hours away from Bangkok by boat. Hmm, the combination of adventure on a local Thai ferry and discovery of an unknown temple along the river? We took off. Wat Chalermprakiat in the province Nonthaburi next to Bangkok draws you in. The serenity of the place and the humid, luscious green surroundings make you want to stay longer. Just a little bit. Before going back to the craziness of Bangkok.

Day 2: Soon after, this mint green stone crosses my path in the gem dealer’s office. Exquisite in its mint green color and with an excellent cut, this stone makes you dream of cocktail parties, elegant, funky outfits and the colorful macarons of Ladurée. Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in every color imaginable but red, pink and green are considered the top colors. My lucky day.

The Discovery: Obviously, I go back to my friend a few days later. Strangely enough, the luscious glamour and quiet serenity of the stone are fascinating. Nothing wrong with getting lost in contradictions, they can be very attractive 😉

Wear it with...

Green Tourmaline Gemstone Adventure Wear it With

What could you do with this loose stone?

If you’ve ever dreamed of adding instant polish to any of your outfits, this is your chance to get creative and make your own signature gemstone ring or other jewel...

Spring is here. That means we need to feel juicy green on our skin. This glamorous green tourmaline would make a gorgeous ring, especially for green-eyed ladies and redheads. In fact, this color green can be easily worn by many different women. It also flatters lighter and darker-toned women with blue or darker eyes without any problem. And it would make a stunning engagement ring.

You could add small white diamonds or, if you desire even more coolness, add other blue or green gemstones - around the stone itself or in the shanks (i.e. bands) of the ring. You could have the stone set in 18K white, yellow or rosé gold: anything goes!

I'd do matte gold, not polished. Yes, you noticed correctly, I almost always prefer matte gold when it comes to color gemstones. This is a personal preference. I feel it simply makes the beauty of the color stone stand out, which these rare stones deserve. But also with this juicy green stone there are no rules. If you simply love polished gold, go for it. This green looker won’t be outshone by polished gold, she can handle the competition 😉 You decide on the jewel that best matches your story

How will you style /design it?


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