What to Wear Out: Pretty in Pink Edition

Pretty In Pink?
Why Not Just Sizzle In Pink On Your Evening Out

Sassy Bubble Gum Spinel
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Wear Your Pink Gemstones With These Colors

Pink Spinel

Wondering how to pull off playful and stunning evening wear? Wearing an exquisite neon pink gemstone, such as this rare pink spinel as your only head-turning accessory should do the job just nicely. Especially when paired with some black lace from this nice brand. What’s it called again?... Ah yes, Saint Laurent was the name.

Stone: Fine 1.90ct Hot Pink (yep, that’s the trade name for this color) Square Cushion - Shaped Spinel

Date Discovered: January 2017

Location: Mined in Mozambique but I discovered it in a small alley off the main street in Bangkok’s gem district.

Day 1: You cannot go to Bangkok and not eat. The typical conversation I have with a Thai cook in the street goes something along these lines: 

"Ped, nit noi, please." ("spicy, a little bit, please.") 
No reaction. 
I repeat: "Ped nit noi, is this nit noi?"… 
You want to emphasise the 'nit noi'-bit unless you can handle ‘ped’ which most foreigners cannot. 
"Uh, nit noi?..." 
"Yes sir." 
Wonderful, delicious food mission accomplished. It will be too spicy. It always is. I love it.

Day 2: Shortly after my food expedition, the stone hunt continues. In the small alleys of Bangkok’s gemstone district, a gem dealer shows me this stone. Spinels are rare. More rare than rubies even. They belong to the top gemstones in the world when it comes to beauty and quality. Spinels are basically at the same level as sapphires and rubies yet often less expensive (I’ll explain that another time). The most sought-after colors are red and pink. So, to even find one that is this intense and funky neon-pink with an excellent cut on top of that, is quite amazing.

The Discovery: A few days later, I go back to the gem dealer. I need to go back. Just as the mouth-watering, spicy food, this pink spinel is intensely colorful and lively. In other words, too hot to resist 😉 Where was that alley again? 

Pink Spinel Gemstone Collage Inspiration from Net a Porter

What could you do with this loose stone?

If you’ve ever dreamed of adding instant polish to any of your outfits, this is your chance to get creative and make your own signature gemstone ring or other jewel... 

With warmer days upon us, you’ll want to wear crazy pink. This rare, hot pink spinel would be perfect for a ring, especially for a darker or golden-skinned lady with brownish or darker eyes. And it could make a stunning engagement ring.

You could add small white diamonds or, if you desire more funk, add other pinkish or reddish gemstones - around the stone itself or in the shanks (i.e. bands) of the ring. You could have the stone set in soft 18K rosé gold: ready to hit town. Forever.

I'd do matte gold, not polished. The natural color of this gemstone is so exquisite and special, you’d distract from it by using shiny, polished gold. But if you like powerful bling-bling, this stone has no problem with that and can easily help you pull it off 🙂 You decide on the jewel that best matches your story.

P.S. Those heads will turn, I assure you 😉

How will you style / design it?


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