The 4 Best Pink Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring

Alternative Brides! Learn about the Different Pink Gemstone Engagement Ring Options and Adorn Yourself with Pink

1. The pink tourmaline engagement ring

You’ll love candy-colored tourmalines as they come in so many varieties of pink you’ll feel lost in the candy store.

There are worse problems to have.

Tourmaline’s versatile colors come in the highly coveted deeper raspberry "Rubellite Tourmaline" or lighter tones of pink pigments.

With a good durability and brilliance, it’s an exquisite stone for alternative gemstone engagement rings that are worn daily.

Have it surrounded by a halo of small diamonds for the romantic bride or - for a modern, monochromatic look - have the centre stone surrounded by other pink colored sapphires.

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

This stone will look beautiful in a classic solitaire setting where all eyes will be drawn to the centre stone but also in the romantic halo setting or the elegant split shank setting.

Read more on the different settings for your pink gemstone engagement ring here...

Morganite Engagement Ring

2. The morganite engagement ring

Reinvent the classic engagement ring by choosing a powdery pink Morganite as centre stone of your colored gemstone engagement ring.

Morganite is treasured for its soft blush hues and its high degree of brilliance and clarity.

Belonging to the same family as the light blue aquamarine, the pastel pink shade of the morganite can be intensified even more when set in a rose gold setting (read more on that below). The two complement each other beautifully to create an all-rosy look.

Or you can create a bit of contrast by having the gemstone set in a white gold ring setting or small accent diamonds placed around the morganite. 

Morganite crystals can be very large and so you can find stunning big faceted morganites. Just so the rock stars among us are aware 🤩

3. The pink spinel engagement ring

Start your life together with a modern twist on an epic gemstone: the pink spinel.

This exquisite, fine-quality gemstone has been used in historic imperial crown jewels around the world.

And yet, most have never heard of it. This may be precisely your thing 😉

This very rare gemstone often surpasses the quality and beauty of a ruby and pink sapphire making alternative gemstone engagement rings featuring this stone few and far between.

The stone is renowned for its strong brilliance, fantastic durability and gorgeous colors ranging from splashy pink or a deep pink hue that sparkles with orange undertones.

Pink Spinel Engagement Ring

It also comes in glamorous lavender lilac-pink pastels for the brides who don’t like to follow the rest.

Frame the pink centre stone with small diamonds or other light toned spinels around it or scatter these small gemstones in the bands of the ring instead.

In a classic solitaire setting, romantic halo or fashion-forward split-shank ring setting, spinel makes for an eye-catching entrance (and investment-worthy stone) at the center of your engagement ring. 

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

4. The pink sapphire engagement ring

Insiders know there exist sapphires in other colors besides its renowned blue hue. 

Its pink sister is especially well-suited for the alternative, romantic bride. 

Pink sapphires come in a variety of shades, ranging from powdery hues, to bubble gum or ‘hot’ pink and everything in between giving to many options for pink gemstone engagement rings featuring this sparkling beauty.  

This one-of-a-kind gemstone was considered exceptionally rare until the 1990s since they were only found in a few locations around the world.

Still much more rare than most diamonds (to give you an idea, I search for a gemstone like this by appointment only), this feminine stone looks remarkable in a variety of settings.

Go all-pink with a rose gold setting for rare stone engagement rings featuring this gemstone, or you can have its color stand out more by setting it in white or yellow gold.

Truly stunning is to have the rich pink centre stone surrounded by diamonds or - for the modern bride - by adding smaller lighter pink sapphires for a ton-sur-ton look. ​

A  la  carte  Personalization & Customization

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect match for your gemstone engagement ring? 

Opt for a rose-hued metal instead of the standard yellow gold.

Rose gold flatters most skin tones, mixes wonderfully well with other metal types and has both a modern and vintage feel to it.

Anne Hathaway Valentino Wedding Dress

Photo: Valentino

It’s made by adding copper to the gold alloy that the blush rose gold hue is obtained and it puts an elegant stamp on rare stone engagement rings. 

Whether in classic solitaire settings, glamorous 3 or 2-gemstone designs or in eye-catching halo or split-shank settings, colored gemstone engagement rings with rose gold settings transform your everyday look. 

Valentino Wedding Dress

Photo: Valentino

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