Spring’s Favorite Gemstone Is Here

Put a cool, sparkling spin to your spring ensemble

Aqua Aqua Aquamarine
Aquamarine Gemstone Travel Adventure Collage Net a Porter


Wondering how the fashion-lover does a day at the beach and shows up elegant for apéritifs later in town? Statement accessories like this rare aquamarine are one of the secrets how she ups her outfit. Let me tell you how I got the stone, how you could turn it into an exquisite ring and some styling tips on what to wear it with! 

Stone: Fine 8.25ct (humongous, you got that right) Square Cushion - Shaped Aquamarine

Date Discovered: January 2017

Location: Mined in Mozambique, yet I discovered it off the main street in the Silom District, Bangkok

Day 1: During my stay in Bangkok, a few Thai friends took me to Lad Mayom Floating market. A small market just outside of Bangkok, little known to tourists (we like). The colors, smoky scents of food being prepared everywhere and especially this proud lady, floating on the river, made my day. 

Day 2: The next day, I went stone hunting in Bangkok’s gem district and came across this stunningly vibrant aquamarine. Aquamarines are usually not so intense blue and the seller - someone I have known for some time and trust completely - told me this stone is naturally this shade of blue! 

This is extraordinary as most “Aquas” are heat treated to turn them from their original greenish colour into blue… And since it’s practically impossible to tell the difference between an artificially heated and a naturally heated aquamarine, you can only rely on what a trustworthy supplier tells you. So, this blue beauty clearly stood out from the crowd. I went home later that day reflecting, what was it in this stone that got me hooked and kept me thinking? (Uh, besides the asking price).

The Discovery: That’s it…! The next morning, I realized that just as I’d like to meet the lady on the river and ask her about her floating life stories, I’d love to float away in this sea-like aquamarine, quietly pondering about its history. Gotta go now. Need to make an offer on the stone. Before it floats away.

Aquamarine Gemstone Travel Adventure Collage How to Wear It

What could you do with this loose stone?

If you’ve ever dreamed of adding instant polish to your outfit, then this is your chance to get creative and make your own signature gemstone ring...

With pastel spring hues all around us, it’s about time we adorn ourselves in refreshing colour stones.  This rare, fresh aquamarine would be perfect for a ring, especially for a fairer-skinned lady with blue or greyish eyes. And it could make a stunning engagement ring.

You could have a few small diamonds or blue gemstones added - around the stone itself or in the shanks (i.e. bands) of the ring. You could have the stone set in beautiful 18K white gold et voilà: indulge yourself in cool blue.

I'd do matte gold, not polished. The stone is so beautiful and big, you don't need shiny, polished gold to compete with the dazzling blue. Then again, you may disagree and prefer something else. You decide on the jewel that best matches your story. 

P.S. That your glamor factor will go up is a given 😉

How will you style / design it?


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