Rihanna’s Parade Jewelry Broke the Internet

"When I first saw which look she chose, I thought wow, everyone will be shocked — the neon, the iridescent crystals, it’s totally different from what she’s done before."
Lauren Austin, costume designer, creator of Rihanna’s latest festival look

Rhianna Jewel Gemstone Outfit

A Seductively Exotic Expression of Your True Self

So Rihanna knows how to make an entrance. No surprise there. Often spotted in colorful and avant-garde pieces, her latest gem-studded ensemble almost made social media networks collapse earlier this week. Adoring fans praised her seductively exotic look as shown on her Instagram account ‘badgalriri’ that received over 4 million likes in less than 24hrs.

Put together by designer Lauren Austin for the Crop Over harvest festival in Barbados, Rihanna’s outfit paired neon feathers with iridescent, jewel-encrusted body pieces for a breathtaking look. The overall effect is nothing short of jaw-dropping and sums up the vibe of the Crop Over festival as described by Lauren Austin in Vogue as

"exhilarating, free and radiant."

Gemstone Tourmaline Earrings

Neon pink and lagoon Tourmalines, and lilac garnets at the top.

We can also learn a thing or two from Rihanna who's not afraid to express herself in all her glory. Draped in color, the neon crystals and jewels add vibrancy, feel deliciously exotic and show off her unique style.

The reactions online also show that it's really hard to resist colors (sexy bodies clearly have nothing to do with it, but for now let's focus on the color aspect, shall we;)).

These neon colors are incredibly expressive and funky for a summer outfit! Why not try it out yourself? You can go for the all-feather-look (nothing wrong with that). Or - if you’d like to, uh, simplify - you can choose natural, neon-colored gemstone jewelry.

Yep, neon-colored gemstones exist in nature, not cheap but so very special…

Lose Yourself In Color

From a Style Insider

Summer demands intense, neon colors at times. Go bold in jewelry that has been set with neon pink Tourmalines. Or try out rare electric blue Paraiba Tourmalines. And yes, even bright yellow stones exist, remember this fine quality stone: Mali Garnets. Dress for the evening in a sexy all-black (or all-white) pants and top, show your golden tan and these neon stones - set in a ring or earrings - will take care of the rest…
It's the right moment to flaunt those colors.

Mali Garnet Pariba Tourmaline Custom Jewelry

With every color of the rainbow imaginable, natural colored gemstones give you an endlessly wide palette to make a statement about your own personal style.

And don’t we all feel like neon once in a while?

Feel inspired? Check out my neon pink spinel or intense sea blue aquamarine. Or ask me how I can help you design a neon-colored jewelry piece.

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