A List of Gemstones: Get Colorful Inspiration from these Rare Gems

Explore shades of grey, blue, green, pink and red to

elevate your style.

From neutral greys to radiant reds, these rare gemstones come in a variety of subdued and vibrant hues to elevate your everyday wardrobe. When shopping for rare precious gems, color is one of the most important characteristics to judge. Look for uniform color with good saturation throughout the stone when assessing the beauty of your potential rare gemstone purchase. Take a look at some favorite stones from my current collection and learn more about each individual stone as you dive into this world of color. 🌈✨

1. Grey Spinel

A great gift for the workaholics among us, spinel is known to enhance energy and allows us to open up to the beauty of the world around us. It helps with inspiring new ideas and refreshes the mind, body and soul.

The grey spinel in particular is a perfect match for a more neutral work-day look and forms a beautiful way to add a touch of sparkle to a boring day at the office. Grey is a timeless color known to add a sophisticated yet understated glamorous touch to any style.

This square cushion cut grey spinel weighs 4.3 carats and measures 10mm x 9mm.

2. Blue-Grey Spinel

Spinel comes in many shades, a few of which you'll see on this list. Most commonly, you'll see spinels in shades of blue and red. A fun fact: spinels were frequently mistaken for rubies and sapphires, before it was discovered as its own mineral.

Spinel's uplifting energy paired with a cool blue-grey hue brings endless possibilities of creativity and open-mindedness to the wearer as cooler tones are known to spark creative energy.

This exquisite and rare, oval cut blue-grey spinel weighs 1.3 carats and measures 8.1mm x 6mm.

Blue Spinel

3. Blue Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a very meaningful stone, especially when found in its deepest shade, indigo. It's a stone of great wisdom, dignity, and strength. Tanzanite is also known to bring spiritual healing to those in need. 

Tanzanite is named after the only location in the world at which it can be found, Tanzania Africa. Because it can only be found in this small area, it is known as one of the most rare gemstones. 

This square cushion cut tanzanite weighs 3.61 carats and measures 9.1mm x 9.1mm. 

4. Blue Lavender Spinel

Blue spinel is a soothing stone known to be good for mental rejuvenation. It relieves anxiety, PTSD and stress - besides it being one brilliant stunner πŸ˜‰

Spinel is one of the more rare gemstones as there are virtually no commercial treatments for spinels meaning that the color you see throughout any spinel has almost always occurred naturally. Blue spinels colored by cobalt, high in color saturation with a medium tone, are the most rare...

This fabulous trilliant cut blue lavender spinel weighs 2.2 carats and measures 9mm x 9mm.

5. Bubblegum Pink Spinel

Pink spinels have energy boosting properties known to increase positivity and confidence. Its uplifting vibes can be beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic conditions or fatigue.

This bubblegum spinel is a silky gemstone, giving it a cloudy look. Spinels are rare, rarer even than rubies, and can be found in Tanzania, Myanmar and Tajikistan.

This square cushion cut bubblegum pink spinel weighs 1.9 carats and measures 7.6mm x 7.6mm.

6. Pink Tourmaline

The stone of self-love, pink tourmaline is a great stone for cleansing destructive emotions and moving past old grudges. It helps the wearer release feelings of guilt, worry, depression and anxiety and move towards a more positive view of self.

Pink is one of the most sought-after colors of gemstone jewelry and pink tourmaline is a favorite amongst gem dealers and jewelry designers because it is available in a variety of stunning pink shades.

This oval cut pink tourmaline weighs 4.86 carats and measures 12.3mm x 9mm.

7. Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is known for wholesome, powerful and electrical energies, used for healing the mind, body and heart. This stone is considered one of the more powerful natural healing gemstones, helping to strengthen your vital powers. 

Tourmaline comes in various shades of green. Clearer, higher quality green tourmalines are more sought after and known to have higher levels of healing powers.

This green tourmaline weighs 1.6 carats and measures 8.6mm x 6.5mm.

8. Lagoon Tourmaline 

The bluish-green gem is considered very rare. It gets its name from its various hues, ranging from moderate blues to soft greens, which mimic the appearance of a still lagoon. This particular variety of tourmaline is mostly found in Afghanistan, Zambia and Namibia. 

Tourmaline is also believed to have special properties that help pull pollutants from your pores and is one of the latest miracle ingredient trends being added to cleansing lotions. 

This lagoon tourmaline weighs 2.66 carats and measures 9.5mm x 7.4mm.

9. Pinkish Red Spinel

Often referred to as 'balas rubies' in history, the red spinel is associated with wealth and luck in business. It is known to increase positivity and focus on success and career goals.

Spinels are most famous for having been mistaken for rubies in ancient royal jewelry. It is unknown how many spinels were once sold as sapphires and rubies. The historic Black Prince Ruby and the Timur Ruby, which were both mined in Tajikistan, are actually spinels.

This pinkish red spinel weighs 1.23 carats and measures 7.4 mm x 5.5 mm.

10. Malaya Garnet

This spiritual stone brings self-empowerment, strength and safety to its wearer. It is known for encouraging prosperity and abundance as well as gratitude for others and enlightenment of the soul. 

Malaya Garnet is a mixture of pyrope and spessartite garnet and is mostly found in East Africa's Umba Valley. Its color ranges from an exquisite pinkish-orange to reddish-orange to yellowish-orange. 

This malaya garnet weighs 2.53 carats and measures 8.3mm x 7.5mm.

If you've fallen in love with any of the stones on this list, send a message and let me know which one! Each would look lovely set in a solitaire ring or necklace. Or you can mix and match these rare precious gems for a beautiful custom creation full of color and sparkle β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’–.


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