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Ruggedly Golden Ring


A warm confusion of colours and shapes ensure this Ruggedly Golden ring exudes a casually chic aura. Four unique gemstones have been set in 18K pink and yellow textured gold. A 6.47ct gold sheen sapphire is clasped with pink gold and nestled next to a 0.98ct pink tourmaline that is framed in a yellow gold bezel. An oval blue iolite sits on its other side, also clasped in pink gold, and a round one on the far side is clasped next to the tourmaline. Distinctive in their own rights, this eclectic mix of gems combine to form a breathtaking ring that you’ll be reluctant to take off.

  • 18K pink and yellow textured gold
  • Round/Rectangular gold sheen sapphire: 6.47ct
  • Round/Oval blue iolites: 0.76ct and 1.41ct
  • Round/Oval pink tourmaline: 0.98ct

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