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Cocktail Candy Bracelet


The myriad of colourful gemstones in the Cocktail Candy bracelet look stunning on your wrist. Like a rainbow of jewels, this bracelet features candy-coloured tourmaline cabochons. Nineteen oval-shaped gemstones are set in an 18K yellow gold bracelet. With every colour you could wish for, a multi-coloured stream of light shines as the movement of your arm causes the gemstones to sparkle. The fun design makes this bracelet ideal for both a casual occasion or when looking to add a unique touch to more glamorous attire. From daytime wear to cocktail hour, the candy-coloured gems add a bright, cheerful note to any occasion.

  • 18k yellow gold
  • Oval cabochon multi-coloured tourmalines: 19 pieces, 10.603ct total

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