Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The 4 Gemstones You Need to Know

Would Mom love a lavender spinel or is she more of a pink tourmaline? Find out which gemstone matches Mom's personality for the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

I got it from my mama

The Stone List

Wondering what to gift her this year? Sparkles always work. Turn your focus to special color stones that capture her to perfection. Whether she is the ambitious career type or feels best at home, loves a healthy lifestyle or can't wait to take out her Louboutins on Friday, I've curated the pieces that reflect her best.

Loose Gems Lagoon Tourmaline Pink Tourmaline Purple Spinel Light Green Beryl

1. If Ambition & Career Sound Like Pet Names To Her...

Bridgette Bardot Mothers Day Jewelry

Chic ​​​​Lavender Spinel

Spinels do the job perfectly: this rare stone is a favorite among gemologists, gem dealers and collectors because of its beautiful brilliance, very good hardness (i.e., the stone can handle it when a business deal didn't go the way she wanted and she - accidentally - hit her ring against the wall) and gorgeous colors. This lavender one is truly delicious. Subtle enough to be worn in the office but brilliant enough to easily compete in beauty with Rubies and Sapphires.

Lavender Spinel Loose Gemstone

Chic Lavender Spinel - oh la la - Like Brigitte.

2. If Her Home Is Her Castle ...

Larna Turner Mothers Day Jewelry

Soft And Sensual In Pink

Amazing pink for the lady who loves her home. An almost 5ct stone to wear in the house? Why not enjoy beauty in private. Brightly colored Sri Lankan Tourmalines were brought to Europe by navigators from the Dutch East India Company in the late 17th century who gave the stone the name 'aschentreckers' meaning 'ash attractors' because it could attract dust and lint when charged with static electricity and so, they used it to clean their pipes after smoking (couldn't ignore this fact obviously). Now this electric pink stone will awaken her senses and everyone else's for that matter 😉

Pink Tourmaline Loose Gemstone

Sultry and soft in pink tourmaline like Lana

Mothers Day Gemstone Jewelry Sketch

3. If Glamour And Glitter Reflect Her Inner Nature

Marilyn Monroe Mothers Day Jewelry

Size Does Matter

This huge yellow-green dazzling Beryl for sure is a head-turner. More than 7 carats to be draped around her neck or finger... This special stone belongs to the same family as emeralds. When a green beryl contains chromium and/or vanadium, it is called 'emerald'. Without these elements, it is named a 'green beryl'. The stone is typically lighter green than emeralds - not something that would bother me personally, in fact, I find it far more original. This stone has an excellent cut which is rare for colour stones and gives it an amazing sparkle. Just what she was looking for on her night out;)

Yellow Green Beryl Loose Gemstone

A Yellow-Green Dazzling Beryl Will Make Heads Turn Like Marilyn

4. If Vegan, Paleo Friendly Almond Milk Cappuccino Is Her Thing

Jane Fonda Mothers Day Jewelry

Go Green. Gracefully

This spectacular stone is so intense blue-green that it is called Lagoon Tourmaline: the color of an exotic sea, and of anything lively and luscious for that matter. The name Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese and Tamil 'turmali' meaning the "stone of mixed colors": this one stone family reflects all the beautiful colors in nature imaginable. As most color stones, each stone is unique and a fine one, such as this stone, is rare and distinctive. Like her morning cappuccino.

Green Tourmaline Loose Gemstone

Go green. Gracefully. Like Jane.

Mothers Day Gemstone Jewelry Sketch 2

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