Most Wanted: Top Gems at the Pre-Emmy’s Lounge

Add a Colorful Edge to Your Evening Ensemble. Leave the Diamonds at Home and Step Out in Fine Gemstone Jewelry

Most Wanted at the Pre-Emmy Lounge Days

The Stars' Picks

Love at first sight? Yes, it seems to exist. 😉 Also for fine gemstone jewelry. As I noticed during my last two Lounge events, on both the East and West Coasts, where these two rings were the absolute faves among the celebs.

Besides being actresses, these ladies also happen to be women, attracted to rare, brilliantly-colored stones and jewels that reveal their willingness to be different. Like the rest of us, who are looking for life and truth in their stylish accessories, rather than following the diamond crowd.

I notice that it’s no longer about the carat size (ok, not always) or about finding the one stone that only celebrates one particular occasion, such as the diamond ring for the engagement. It's about finding the perfect color stone or gemstone jewel that transcends 'special occasions', expresses you and helps you transform all your outfits depending on the style you're after that particular moment of the day. 

And why not create adventure in small, everyday life moments instead? And indulge now rather than waiting for an "occasion".

Don't save the beautiful white and grey spinel earrings for the evening only. Wear them with jeans and a leather jacket when you grab a coffee during the day, too!

Or wear your sparkling blue sapphire ring on a rainy Tuesday evening when you head into town with your loved one for a quick bite.

Or flash a special mint green tsavorite garnet (a better quality green gemstone than emeralds fyi) during a business meeting. It may even help you get through the meeting, as one of my customers told me! 😉 

Many people don’t realise the value and rarity of these stones. If they did, they certainly wouldn’t expect it to be worn during the day when running errands or during a business meeting... 

Fine gemstone jewelry is your secret style tool. Only you need to know that these stones are of such beauty and quality that they can easily follow and up your style, whatever the moment and whoever you want to be. 

spinel earrings actress

White and grey spinel earrings with blue sapphires in between.

Emmy - Eva Gems and Jewels

Let these beautiful women be an inspiration for your style, but ultimately you decide what color and stone expresses you best.

If you’re curious, you can check out some of my fine gemstone jewelry here. And if you’d like my help in discovering the perfect gemstone or gemstone jewel for you - and how to style it uniquely - just click here to contact me.

Stones in the rings seen in the header photo above:
Iconic Beauty Ring: 1.95ct pastel pink Spinel as center stone surrounded by 0.41ct bubble gum colored Spinels, set in 4 bands of 18K pink gold.  

Golden Glow Ring: 3.22ct golden Sapphire as center stone surrounded by a 0.76ct blue Iolite, 1.36ct pink Tourmaline and 0.17ct brown diamonds, all set in 18K pink gold.

Date Creation: Early Autumn 2017

Place Creation: One-of-a-kind pieces hand-crafted by a French-Thai fine jewelry atelier in Bangkok’s gem district.

Day 1: Fantastic! I was invited to the pre-Emmy Celebrity Lounge in LA. With one day preparation time. While being in NY. Where I’d just finished my very first event for NYFW. For which I’d been invited one week earlier. While being in Europe... Talk about whirlwind!

For the NY and LA events, I wanted to create an experience for all the senses: vivid flowers, colorful candies hand-made with natural fruit and flower essences from the South of France to taste and, of course, colorful gems and jewels to touch, feel and adorn yourself with.

That was the strategy.

Until running into hurricane Irma which made ordering flowers in advance practically impossible as most flowers in NY come from Florida (I learned…) and the Texas floods caused gas prices to rise at a crazy rate, making transportation in the US very expensive, an Italian illustrator backing out at the last moment, looking for flowers and other decorations for my booth in the NY flower district 3 hours before the opening of the fair, dragging wooden crates through the streets of this massive city, and becoming best friends with Uber drivers everywhere.

Then repeating the same thing in LA 3 days later!

Day 2: Waking up on the day of the LA event, a swollen eye had suddenly appeared (which is always great when one has to shake hands with Emmy nominees and other beautiful people). Sunglasses it shall be, then.
The fair turned out to be a blast. And to top it all off, an amazing surprise came in the form of the beautiful CSI Miami actress Sofia Milos walking by and asking if she could wear my jewelry in a new TV series… What?!!!

The Discovery: Saying “yes” was a bit intimidating. So happy I did though.
You don’t have to be a Hollywood actress to enjoy the beauty of color gemstones. You only need to choose your own colorful adventure! 😉

Wear it with...

Celebrity Collage - Wear it with...

Images above from the Calvin Klein and Zac Posen Instagrams

Or to the grocery shop down the street…

Emmy - Eva Gems and Jewels

The fashion images in this collage were created in Polyvore

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