Gemstones for 2020

pantone classic blue

Pantone was founded in the 1950s in New York City as a commercial printing company by the Levine brothers. Later, they developed the Pantone Color Matching system (PMS) which is now used as the global standard for color matching in the world of design and beyond. Thanks to this method of color reproduction, manufacturers around the world are able to replicate colors without direct contact with each other which makes production of our favorite colorful fashion a much easier task. Pantone colors go beyond fashion and design - China and South Korea refer to specific Pantone colors in their flags as do various US states, including Texas. 

Since the year 2000, Pantone has released a color that their experts believe connects with the spirit of the upcoming year. Pantone has said that color "has always been an integral part of how culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times" so they make their selection for color of the year by looking for new trends and color that is being used in new and exciting ways.

Of course, every color needs some sparkle so below are a few combinations of colored gems (inspired by Pantone's Classic Blue color palettes) to help express your 2020 mood.

When thinking of classic blue in terms of precious jewels, your first thought probably turns to the blue sapphire but Tanzanite takes center stage in these colorful combos. Tanzanite is the perfect sparkle to use a the foundation for our classic blue gemstone palettes - it's newer, fresher, and dazzles with brilliant blue color. 

Warming, meditative hues for peace and tranquility...

3.36ct - $1760 | €1585 | £1375
Trilliant Light Blue Spinel from Vietnam
2.2ct - $3267 | €2942 | £2555
Malaya Garnet from Tanzania
1.96ct - $1672 | €1506 | £1307

Tropical hues for a blissful, bold look...

3.36ct - $1760 | €1585 | £1375
Tsavorite Garnet
2.04ct - $1410 | €1270 | £1100
Malaya Garnet
1.76ct - $605 | €545 | £473

tropical gemstones

Twilight hues for evening elegance...

3.36ct - $1760 | €1585 | £1375
Oval Blue Spinel
1.30ct - $2830 | €2550 | £2212
Lavender Square Cushion Spinel
4.04ct - $5300 | €4775 | £4145

twilight gemstones

Exotic hues for every adventure...

3.36ct - $1760 | €1585 | £1375
Dark Malaya Garnet
2.50ct - $790 | €710 | £620
Pink Tourmaline from Mozambique
4.86ct - $3466 | €3122 | £2710

exotic hues

Daring hues for the unexpected...

3.36ct - $1760 | €1585 | £1375
Pinkish Red Spinel from Burma
1.23ct - $2541 | €2288 | £1986
Lagoon Tourmaline
2.66ct - $3627 | €3267 | £2835

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