Gemstone Style for 2020

classic blue style inspiration

Every colorful style could use a little sparkle so, in one of my last blogs, I shared a few gem sets inspired by Pantone's themed palettes for their 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

In these uncertain times, many of us turn to colorful expression to relieve stress and anxiety... or just to get inspired while staying inside. Shopping (or browsing 😉) online is a fun way to pass the time so here we'll dive into some style inspiration for these colorful combos in hopes that it gives you something new and beautiful to explore.


If you have a warmer skin tone but can't pass up a cool-hued blue, you might love the style shown here. This palette speaks to the fashion forward woman who prefers a softer look. The loose gems and jewelry pictured include:

Grey spinel (4.30ct)

$4635 | €4175 | £3625

Trilliant blue spinel (2.2ct)

$3267 | €2942 | £2555

Malaya garnet (1.96ct)

$1672 | €1506 | £1307

Tanzanite earrings

Sold - can be made to order.

classic blue themed palette: ponder


Do you dream of tropical sunsets and fruity cocktails? A vibrant style with peachy-oranges and bright greens might be more your thing. Get a head start on your summer wardrobe with an island-inspired style featuring blissful colors and bold black accents. The loose gems and ring pictured are: 

Tsavorite garnet (green: 2.04ct) 

$1410 | €1270 | £1100

Malaya garnet (pinkish-orange: 1.76ct)

$605 | €545 | £473

Black spinel ring

Sold - can be made to order.

classic blue themed palette: snorkel

Twilight hues for evening elegance...

This elegant evening look fits any special occasion. Wear this metallic gold gown paired with twilight sparkles to turn heads wherever you go. The loose gems and jewelry pictured include: 

Grey spinel (4.30ct) 

$4635 | €4175 | £3625

Violet tanzanite (3.36ct) 

$605 | €545 | £473

Lavender spinel (4.04ct)

$5300 | €4775 | £4145

Prism of Love ring

$5080 | €4550 | £4182

classic blue inspiration: desert twilight

Exotic hues for every adventure...

Take an adventure with this bold look. Wild cuts and tote bags are perfect for every exotic adventure and what adventure is complete without a little sparkle? The loose gems and jewelry pictured include:

Pink tourmaline (4.86ct)

$3466 | €3122 | £2710

Green lagoon tourmaline (2.66ct)

$3627 | €3267 | £2835

Arrow to the Heart ring

$3930 | €3520 | £3235

classic blue style inspiration: exotic tastes

Daring hues for the unexpected...

Classic blue creates the perfect base for any combination of color... even the untraditional. This look is perfect for those who like to bend the rules. The earrings and gemstone pictured are:

Tsavorite garnet (2.04ct) 

$1410 | €1270 | £1100

Bed of Roses earrings 

$4100 | €3670 | £3375

classic blue themed palette: untraditional

The jewelry and fashion pieces shown above will hopefully inspire you to get creative with your own style while cleaning or reorganizing your closet or jewelry box. All loose stones can be set in a bespoke ring or jewelry design, especially tailored for you. You'd only need to find the color that speaks to you...

Explore my lists of colorful gems by visiting my Gems & Jewels page or take the style quiz to see which rare gem suits you best!

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