Gemstone Horoscope for Virgos

Precious Jewels for Virgos August 23 - September 22

Graceful Gemstones

Sophisticated, humble, and practical, the Virgo woman's style mirrors her top character traits. Virgo loves a polished look, even with the most casual outfit, and won't leave the house until she's happy with her appearance. 

In jewelry and gemstones, she loves timeless pieces that complement her overall look and earn their keep.

In other words, this lady goes for fewer accessories in softer shades but of high quality. ✨😎

Colorful, sparkling gemstones aren't just for those looking to make a bold statement. There are plenty of beautiful, calm colored stones to complement this earth sign's subtle yet elegant style.

Search for pastel or soft-toned stones like the spinels in these pieces from my latest collection.

Dew Drops Gemstone Earrings
Curvy Does It Gemstone Ring
Ice Princess Gemstone Ring

Interested in more dazzling gemstone jewelry gifts for Virgos? 

Contact me here for a complimentary consultation. There are tons of beautiful soft-toned jewels out there and I would love to help you discover them!

Go gracefully, Virgos. 

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