Gemstone Horoscope for Taurus

Luxurious Jewels for Taurus: 
April 20 - May 21

taurus gemstones

Taurus is all about comfort and quality, surrounding herself with natural yet luxurious materials. Sounds like a woman who might love to begin (or expand) a collection of natural rare gemstones​!

Taurus rules the neck and shoulders so high-quality statement jewels set in dangling earrings or a sparkling necklace are sure to catch her eye. When it comes to colors, Taurus's connection to the earth creates two different categories of preferred hues - pastel floral tones such as light blues and pinks and earthy tones like forest greens and golden browns. However, there are colors that most Taurus women can agree to love - bright, vibrant green and pure white - Taurus's two power colors. 

Of course, when you think green, the dazzling and historic emerald comes to mind. However, tsavorite garnet - the green gems featured in both images above - would be another great choice and also a lesser known one. With a luscious green comparable to that of the finest emeralds, tsavorite garnet is a favorite among experts. The rare and beautiful white sapphire is also shown above for those who prefer more neutral glamour.  The style inspiration can be found at (Trousers by Sea, Cardigan by The Elder Statesman).

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