Gemstone Horoscope for Scorpios

Bold Jewels for Scorpios: October 24 - November 22

Spinels in the Stars
Although she is usually seen dressed in black, the Scorpio woman is not one to shy away from dramatic color - especially in her accessories 😎. Of course it comes as no surprise that rare gemstones like tourmaline, aquamarines and amethyst appeal to this sign.

Scorpios have an intense personality and tend to feel things very deeply - traits that show through their style with dark, bold color like crimson and deep pinks and blues.

A stunning, deep red pink spinel like the one seen below can be featured in a solitaire ring setting for beautiful every-day wear. Paired with Scorpios signature all-black look, it would add the perfect touch of intrigue.

Valentino and Red Spinel Style

​Being known as one of the more mysterious zodiac signs is part of the Scorpio woman's allure. If your Scorpio prefers a more neutral look, an intriguing stone like the one featuring in this ring might be more her style...

Black Spinel Gemstone Custom Ring
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​Stay Bold, Scorpio.

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