Gemstone Horoscope for Pisces

Romantic Jewels for Pisces: 
February 19 - March 20

Gemstones for Pisces

Impressionable Pisces wears rose-tinted, better yet, lavender-tinted glasses when viewing the world. She dreams of being swept off her feet in a wonderland of pastel hues. Contrary to her neighbour sign, Aquarius, the Pisces woman prefers to go with the flow and is brilliant at blending with her surroundings due to her quick intuition and imagination. She can read the room and shape shift into whoever she needs to be to fit in.

However, don't be fooled, Pisces has plenty of quirks that make her unique. For instance, some believe that these fish (fish being the symbol of this sign) are born with a touch of natural psychic ability - probably because of that quick intuition I mentioned before.  Pisces is also known to be a very creative sign, constantly drawn to the arts. 

Perhaps that's why a certain Pisces (me 😏) moved away from international law and into the fabulous world of colored gemstones and jewelry design.

Gemstone Style for Pisces

Lavender and blue-green ocean hues speak to this water sign. Aquamarine is a wonderful choice with a deep history tied to the water. Spinel is another beautiful rare gem to consider thanks to it's variety of available colors including the beautiful lilac-grey pastel hue featured in my Lavender Fields ring, seen above. The earrings shown next to it are a lovely set featuring  both aquamarines and milky aquamarines separated by a peach-pink spinel. 

Stay creative, fellow Pisces. 

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