Gemstone Horoscope for Libras

Blue and Green Jewels for Libras September 23 - October 23

Blue and Green Gems for Libras

Lovable, fair and hopelessly romantic, Libras adore a sparkling life with a full social calendar. Especially during cocktail hour, she delights in stylish outfits and jewelry.

This social air sign wants to dress to impress and her jewelry has to keep up so which gemstones would suit her best?

Her sign gravitates to the softer blues and greens of the color spectrum which leads up to these elegant stones...

Mint Green Tourmaline

Cool-hued mint green tourmaline fits perfectly in a life of cocktail parties and elegant outfits... just what our Libra daydreams of during a dull day at the office.

When first discovered in the 1500s, some green tourmalines were mistaken for emeralds and scientists didn't realize these stones were their own type of mineral until much later in the 1800s. While tourmaline comes in every color imaginable, green is considered one of the top colors. 

This particular green tone easily flatters both lighter and darker-toned women and would look stunning paired with sharp trousers, a simple top and good shoes... an effortless and elegant office look that shines during after-hours cocktails.

mint green tourmaline
Unbearable Lightness Earrings

These Unbearable Lightness earrings feature blue and green aquamarines. 

Aquamarine belongs to the same family as emerald. It's usually a beautifully 'clean' stone, so there are few inclusions insider the stone and it has a good 'hardness' of 7 or 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which means it won't scratch easily. On top of that, it can have a beautifully brilliant sparkle.

A true, fine-quality aquamarine has intense color and sparkles as you've probably never seen in the aquamarines commonly found in the West. Blue or green aquamarines add a fresh polished look to any outfit... day or night. Pair it with your little black dress and blazer for an elevated business look, then shed the blazer for a glamorous night on the town. ✨

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