Gemstone Horoscope for Leos

Best Fine Jewelry For Leos July 23 - August 23

Bold Gemstones

Bold, loyal and devoted, Leos love to be admired. The Leo woman is drawn to bright, brilliant stones. Decorative colorful gemstones are your go-to jewelry for Leos.

As born leaders, Leos epitomize a sort of je-ne-sais-quoi when it comes to personal style. Precious gemstones are about giving oneself more hues to paint with, which is why almost any kind of colored stone is perfect for the Lioness of the zodiac. Read on to discover our picks for this fire sign.

Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel

Found in countries like Myanmar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka, these intense pink and red stones are made for Leos. Beloved by legendary fashion houses, from Christian Dior to Louis Vuitton, the Spinel is a true show-stopper. Turn up the heat with bursts of petal-popping pigment. Pink and red Spinels are often cleaner than the other rosy red stone, Ruby, and command attention. This stone wears well with soft pastels, stark white or unabashedly bold hues.

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Malaya Garnet

Malaya Garnet

One of the rarest forms of garnet available, the Malaya Garnet is a slow-burn. Its sensual sunset hue is often flecked with red - creating unexpected and enchanting prisms of light. Yellow or pink gold metal seems to enhance this stone’s radiant warmth, while white gold creates an elegant juxtaposition. This stone is known for its natural brilliance and unique ‘fire,’ making it the perfect fit for a Leo woman.

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Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet

Often mistaken for emeralds, this verdant hue plays to Leo’s position at center stage. An energetic green composed of natural pigments and supreme hardness, the Tsavorite Garnet is actually much more rare - and visually brilliant - than the emerald. Often surrounded by a halo of diamonds - white or yellow - the Tsavorite Garnet, like any Leo, needs few accessories to shine. A spectacular pick for a brilliant dash of pigment, this is a season-less favorite.  

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Leo Earrings

Insider Jewelry Tip: Gift Leos with these gorgeous green Sphene gemstone earrings that are not on Eva’s Shopping page! Set in 18K yellow gold, these rare precious gems elevate Leo’s bright sign. Contact her here to have a look and try them on!

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