Gemstone Horoscope for Aquarius

Eccentric Jewels for Aquarius: 
January 21 -  February 18

Beautiful, vibrant colors call to Aquarius, making colored gemstones the perfect sparkling accessory. Earrings featuring bold hues are a perfect match. For example, the ones above feature dazzling lilac garnets on top followed by lagoon and neon pink spinels - a stunning, bright combination of color. You may remember seeing these earrings in my blog about Rihanna's parade jewelry a while ago - her birthday (February 20th) falls just outside of this date range but she's known to also be drawn to bold fashion and jewelry. 

Rare Gemstones: Garnet

Bright orange, or even pink-orange, hues like the ones that sparkle throughout these stones would be a lovely choice to feature in a ring or other jewelry piece to complement the Aquarius woman's style. The top stone - an exquisite pink-orange color - is a malaya garnet while the stone underneath is a bright, zesty orange spessartite garnet. Both are rare gems with brilliant color - perfect for any woman looking to stand out among the crowd. Garnets and the purple amethyst are also known as lucky gemstones for the Aquarius. 

"Go with the flow" is not something you'll often hear from the Aquarius in your life. With her free-spirited nature, Aquarius loves to go off the the beaten path in all aspects of her life, including her sense of fashion. She looks to set new trends with psychedelic colors and unconventional styles.

Aquarius Gemstone Style

It's safe to say there are no rules when it comes to the eccentric Aquarius... just pick a few favorite rare gems in vibrant, bold hues and make sure to think far outside of the box 😉💥.

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Stay original, Aquarius ✨

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