Tsavorite  Garnet

Enviable Tsavorite Garnet

A peek into the history of Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite was discovered in 1967 by a Scottish gemologist called Campbell Bridges, a consultant for Tiffany’s, whilst he was walking in Tanzania. Apparently, Bridges was charged by a buffalo, and avoided the animal by diving into a gully. While looking around, he noticed some greenish rocks glinting in the sunlight. Soon after, Bridges and Tiffany & Co introduced tsavorite garnet to the world.

Did you know?

  • The name "tsavorite" comes from the place where it was first discovered: Tsavo National Park in Tanzania on the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. To this day, this area is the only source of tsavorite garnet.
  • Garnet comes in 6 main mineral groups / species -- almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite -- and often they form chemical mixtures between 2 or 3 garnet species. This makes garnet one of the hardest stones to identify and always forms a nice challenge for gemologists… Tsavorite garnet belongs to the grossular family and is the green variety within that group.
  • Garnets are one of the few gemstones that typically do not receive treatments (i.e. they are not ‘enhanced’) in any way, and so their colors are fully natural. And so far, this variety also hasn’t been recreated as a synthetic (man-made) gemstone either.
  • Beautiful tsavorites can be found in high fashion jewelry pieces, such as stunning necklaces by Louis Vuitton.

Why fall in love with Tsavorite Garnet?

  • The intense green of tsavorite is owed to traces of vanadium or chromium (the same elements can be found in emeralds). Tsavorite is often mistaken for an emerald.
  • Unlike emerald, a tsavorite garnet often exhibits far fewer inclusions, and on occasion can be flawless and is far more brilliant than emeralds! (Many gemologists prefer tsavorite garnets over emeralds simply because of their fantastic quality and beauty…).
  • Its great hardness (i.e. its good resistance to scratches) and brilliance make it belong to the world’s finest quality gemstones.
  • It is considered approx. 200 times rarer in nature than emerald yet in general, less expensive.
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