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From rare spinels, chic garnets and exotic tourmalines to contemporary blue tanzanites and other gems, discover the world of precious jewels through Eva's brief guides. Unlike most fine jewelry designers, Eva Gems & Jewels focuses first and foremost on the stone believing that is the most precious part of the jewelry piece, the part that is most expressive of you and which will then help guide the design process.  

Learn what to look for when buying fine gemstones as investment or to create your own custom-made fine jewelry piece.

Paraiba Cover Photo

A Cheat Sheet on Paraiba Tourmaline

Tanzanite Cover Photo

A Cheat Sheet on Tanzanite

Tsavorite Garnet Cover Photo V2

A Cheat Sheet on Tsavorite Garnet

Pink Spinel Cover Photo

A Cheat Sheet on Pink Spinel

Malaya Garnet Cover Photo

A Cheat Sheet on Malaya Garnet

How To Choose the Best Gemstone

Important Qualities to Look for When Buying Rare Gemstones

Think Pink Square Version

A List of Gemstones in Shades of Pink

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