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Once in a Blue Moon Ring


This piece has been sold. All of our pieces are one-of-a-kind but if you're looking for something similar, contact me here.

As though having risen from the depths of the ocean, a stunning violet-blue tanzanite sits in the centre of this Once in a Blue Moon ring. This regal 6.24ct gemstone is clasped in place by 18K champagne pink gold with palladium. On either side, it is flanked by stunning spinels of different shapes and colours. On one side is a 1.97ct rectangular spinel in soft pink. On the opposite side sits a 1.67ct oval grey spinel. The vibrant colours and different cuts culminate in a unique design that looks striking whether you wear this ring in the office or for a special occasion.

  • 18K matte champagne pink gold with palladium
  • Oval tanzanite: 6.24ct
  • Rectangular light pink spinel: 1.97ct
  • Oval grey spinel: 1.67ct

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