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L'Eclatante Earrings


The stunning colours of the lagoon and neon pink tourmalines combined with the grape garnets make these L’Eclatante earrings captivating to behold. Each earring begins with a rare round grape garnet set in an 18K pink champagne gold clasp. Draped underneath this are two dazzling rectangular lagoon tourmalines. At the end, an oval neon pink tourmaline completes the beautiful earring, which dangles beguilingly from your ear. The beautiful colours of the gleaming gemstones and pink champagne gold are eye-catching as the earrings sway gently as you move. Sophisticated and fun, the L’Eclatante earrings are perfect for both daytime and after dark activities.

  • 18K champagne pink gold with palladium
  • Round purplish grape garnets: 2 pieces, 2.30ct total
  • Rectangular lagoon tourmalines: 4 pieces, 3.10ct total
  • Oval neon pink tourmalines: 2 pieces, 2.31ct total

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