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Extreme Measures Earrings


For maximum impact when you need it the most, these Extreme Measures earrings are the answer. Sphenes and garnets in differing colours and shapes combine to form eye-popping earrings that are guaranteed to set off any outfit. Marquise-shaped blazing yellow sphenes at the top are linked with delicate 18K yellow gold to oval yellow sphenes. Intense pink oval-shaped rhodolite garnets follow with small round yellow sphenes completing the colourful cascade. Designed for pierced ears, these Extreme Measures earrings provide a colourful explosion to brighten up your day. After dark, these fiery earrings will set your evening wear alight for a fun night on the town.

  • 18K yellow gold
  • Marquise sphenes: 2 pieces, 4.69ct total
  • Oval and round sphenes: 4 pieces, 3.29ct total
  • Oval pink rhodolite garnets: 2 pieces, 2.88ct and 2.55ct

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