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Unbearable Lightness Earrings


Sparkle from day to night with these beautiful Unbearable Lightness earrings. A stream of cool blue aquamarines interspersed with pink sapphires cascade from your ear on a delicate thread of 18K white gold. These shimmering gems culminate in one-of-a-kind green aquamarines with a marquise cut. Each earring begins with a hammered white gold orb linked to a round pink sapphire. Next in the jewelled stream is a marquise blue aquamarine followed by another sapphire, with two aquamarines and three sapphires in total. At the end, the larger green aquamarine looks like an enlarged drop that has captured the others as they’ve trickled downwards.

  • 18K white gold
  • Marquise-shape aquamarines: 6 pieces, blue and green: 6.51ct total
  • Round pink sapphires: 6 pieces, 1.15ct total

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