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The Green Light Ring


Don’t wait for us to give you the thumbs up to wear the Green Light ring. Its unusual design features a band of 18K yellow gold that has been finished with black rhodium. The top half has been hammered for an edgy texture that has been set with a stunning array of gemstones. Small round tsavorite garnets and blue-green sapphires surround a central green tsavorite garnet. This sparkling gem is 1.58ct and oval in shape. Be distinctive in your choice of jewellery and really stand out from the crowd when you wear this ring — you’ve got the green light to be original.

  • 18K yellow gold with black rhodium
  • Oval tsavorite garnet: 1.58ct
  • Round 2mm tsavorite garnets: 16 pieces, 0.890ct total
  • Round blue-green small sapphires: 4 pieces, 1.87ct total

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