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Mademoiselle Earrings


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With a soft and understated elegance, these sensational Mademoiselle earrings combine unique aquamarines with peach spinels. Each earring showcases a phenomenal milky aquamarine with a marquise cut. Its soft blue hue is perfectly complemented by the oval peach spinel it dangles from. Above this sparkling spinel, a marquise transparent aquamarine sits at the top, shimmering in the light. The overall effect is that of a blue sky in the afternoon, warmed with the appearance of pink clouds. The beautiful gemstones are set in 18K champagne pink gold with palladium. Serene yet breathtaking, the Mademoiselle earrings are delightful to look at.

  • 18K champagne pink gold with palladium
  • Marquise milky aquamarines: 2 pieces, 14.62ct total
  • Marquise transparent aquamarines: 2 pieces, 3.82ct total
  • Oval peach spinels: 2 pieces, 1.52ct total

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