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I  believe  beautiful  colored  jewels  shouldn't  be  taken  out  just  for  evenings  and  special occasions.  
I  think  women  should  sparkle  all  day  long.

Our Stones

We differ from other fine jewelry designers because Eva Gems & Jewels is an ode to the stone. The colored gemstone. In all its hues, tones and nuances.

Gems have the power to define us. A bold look, a chic style - the right color jewel creates a magnetic aura unmatched by any diamond. That’s because gems dare to make a statement. They dare to show our true selves, no matter the color, and no matter the setting.

We only use gemstones of the finest quality. Our stones are all natural, precious, mostly what’s known as ‘eye clean’, of excellent cuts, and come in intense colors, as well as modern fashion shades.

Extraordinary gemstones are AIGS-certified.

Our gemstones took a long journey to get to you.

Lavender spinels, mint-green tsavorite garnets and lagoon tourmalines... these are just a few of the stones we source, of fine quality and renowned for their intense brilliance and colors.
Each is unique, and they took a long journey to get to you.

 Gathered in Bangkok, responsibly sourced from faraway places like Tanzania, Mozambique, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Madagascar, we are the last leg of that journey. By traveling to Bangkok, the world hub of precious colored gemstones, we cut out the middleman to ensure you get the gem that reflects your own life story -
where you’ve been and where you are going.

Exotic Fruits
Asian Temple
white orchid flower

It's all in the details.

Fine jewelry handcrafted with care in a French-owned atelier in Bangkok and set with the same rare gemstones as used by the most beloved European high jewelry houses. Every fine nuance is noticeable, down to the 18K gold tulip earring backings, Eva’s homage to her native Holland.

Aqua Marine Earring

Limited editions.

Fine quality gemstones personally hand-picked at the trade source and curated for you – but at a no-middleman price. Because our stones are literally one-of-a-kind, no two jewelry pieces are exactly alike.
They’re all unique, just like you.

limited edition jewelry

More About Eva

Eva Gems & Jewels is about breaking with tradition. It’s about blindingly bright colored jewels, not diamonds; indulging in yummy, delicious stones here and now, not personal treasures that need permission. It’s about the thrill of discovery, unprecedented access to rare stones and the adventure of finding and revealing your true self.

I’ve seen the right gem on the right woman reveal the magnetic human being that she always was. It’s not just fashion. It’s not just style. It’s being bold, a little rebellious, and willing to let the world see you. It’s the same experience I went through myself a few years ago…

The short version… Before becoming a certified gemologist, I worked as an international corporate lawyer for an American multinational in Geneva and in my native Holland. And while I loved my job, I missed being creative and so, inspired by the Italian & French fashion and colored gemstone jewelry from my youth, I decided to become an expert and study gemology in Bangkok, the global trade hub for colored gems. You know, the usual path.

If you really want to know more… I was fortunate enough to travel the world and live across Europe. As a child I grew up in Holland, took family holidays in the South of France (still thrilled to do that actually…), studied German, French and Spanish in school and in their native countries (always loved languages, don’t ask why), and now live in London (brilliant, darling).

Throughout my youth, I loved the ancient Greek and Latin mythologies recited to me by my uncle (who inspired me to study those languages in school as well, with hours and hours of translating and many uninspiring hours when I almost wanted to give up but then Homer drew me back in 😬). I was enamored with the world around me, no matter how mundane or ordinary.

But soon, I was an international lawyer focused on the black-and-white nature of business. Years flew by in a corporate environment and while I loved my job, I was always seeking something more real. A sense of adventure was calling me back to my true self (I blame the image of Odysseus stuck to the mast, determined to hear the beautiful song of the sirens, no matter what).

I see this in the women I meet today - we pave our own paths and write our own rules, sometimes (or should I say ‘often’) we fall but we just keep on trying. We’re simply playing in the colors of our life, her infinite nuances, from monochrome to shocking contrasts, via subtle degradés, these are the colors that feed us.

That was when I decided to push myself into the world of colored gemstones and jewels, based on my lifelong travels and personal passion for fashion as inspired by my fashionable mum and gran. I longed for the colors of my youth - our home filled with bright flower arrangements, the art of the old Dutch masters (I mean who does not love the blue in Vermeer’s Milkmaid?!), the modern works of European artists (from our obligatory family museum trips🙄) and the soft pastel hues from the South of France.

Immersed in the richness of color and character of Bangkok, I studied at AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences) - a leading centre of study on the color stone industry, and one of the few places in the world that actually specializes in a 'hands-on' scientific gemology training.

As a certified gemologist, I now source the highest quality gemstones by hunting in the alleyways and back rooms of Bangkok’s most reputable, under-the-radar gem dealers where I handpick exquisite gemstones to ensure my clients get the stones they’re dreaming of… in a jewelry design they love.

Unlike most other fine jewelry designers, I’m deeply obsessed with the crucial ingredient of my client’s fine jewelry piece, the stone. And will do my very best to source the stone of their dreams, in the highest quality possible.

In the course of a year, I took my life from black-and-white to full color. You, too, have a spectrum of color within you. There is a chameleon-like (or peacock-like, I’m not picky, as long as it’s colorful) beauty that shines through your life, whether it be in love, career, fashion or friendship.

I’m here to help you find those colors and cast them through life’s adventures, wherever they may take you.

What’s the color of your story?

Favorite Jewels

Come discover Eva Gems & Jewels...
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Come discover
Eva Gems & Jewels.
We love to share our favorites.

Our jewelry pieces are made with one-of-a-kind beautiful colored gemstones that sparkle and shine with unparalleled brilliance. Come find the stone that calls your name.

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