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I  believe  beautiful  colored  jewels  shouldn’t  be  taken  out  just  for  evenings  and  special  occasions.  I  think  women  should  sparkle  all  day  long.

My passion is traveling around the world, curating the finest rare colored gemstones, and turning them into beautiful jewelry pieces that are fun, easy to wear and express your style. My pieces are as appropriate on the beach or with jeans, as they are on the red carpet, for a sparkly modern, effortless glamour.

What I love is showing you gemstone colors you probably have never seen before and helping you find the stone and design that speaks to you. Let's celebrate your story!

 Eva Meijer

A former international lawyer in Switzerland and her native Holland, Eva Meijer received her certificate in gemology from the renowned Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand, the global trade epicenter of colored gemstones.

Eva designs ready-to-wear jewelry as well as seeking out special gemstones for clients to create the jewelry pieces of their dreams.

Our gemstones took a long journey to get to you.

Gathered in Bangkok, responsibly sourced from faraway places like — Tanzania, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Myanmar (formerly Burma), Madagascar and Mozambique.

Exotic Fruits
Asian Temple
white orchid flower

It's all in the details.

Fine jewelry handcrafted with care in a French-owned atelier in Bangkok and set with the same rare gemstones as used by the most beloved European high jewelry houses. Every fine nuance is noticeable, down to the 18K gold tulip earring backings, Eva’s homage to her native Holland.

Aqua Marine Earring

Limited editions.

Fine quality gemstones personally hand-picked at the trade source and curated for you – but at a no-middleman price. Because our stones are literally one-of-a-kind, no two jewelry pieces are exactly alike.
They’re all unique, just like you.

limited edition jewelry

Our stones.

We only use gemstones of the finest quality. Our stones are mostly what’s known as ‘eye clean’, of excellent cuts, and come in intense colors, as well as modern fashion shades.

Primary gemstones are AIGS-certified.

Favorite Jewels

Come discover Eva Gems & Jewels.
We love to share our favorites.

Come discover
Eva Gems & Jewels.
We love to share our favorites.

Our jewelry pieces are made with one-of-a-kind beautiful colored gemstones that sparkle and shine with unparalleled brilliance. Come find the stone that calls your name.

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